TrainingProgrammes 2017

STIC proposes training Programs on Analytical Instrumentation and Calibration Techniques. The training includes Lectures on each topic/ parameter, Laboratory demonstrations and Hands on training. Course materials will be supplied. Successful candidates will be issued certificate of Training by STIC. Following are the details of various training programmes.


Analytical Instrumentation

Co-ordinators: Dr. Shibu M Eappen/ Adarsh K.J
Schedule  Module  Topics Covered Course Fee

Jan 2017-
03 days

Module No.: A1701

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Infrared spectroscopy Theory – Infrared spectrometer Instrumentation- FTIR applications.
Thermal Analysis:
Thermal Analysis Introduction – Instrumentation and applications of TGA-DTA and DSC




June 2017
04 days

Module No.: A1705

Electron Microscopy
Electron Microscopy Theory and Introduction to SEM and TEM- Quantitative analysis in microscopy-EDAX-   Instrumentation and applications
X-Ray Diffraction:
Introduction to X-Ray   Diffraction - Instrumentation- Applications Qualitative and quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis- Introduction to Single Crystal X-Ray diffraction.




August 2017
04 days

Module No.: A1707

Elemental Analysis
Introduction to CHNS analysis- Instrumentation CHNS Analyzer. - ICPAES Theory and Instrumentation, Introduction to sample preparation.  Principle and Instrumentation of Mercury Analyzer. 
NMR Analysis
NMR Theory and application- Instrumentation




November 2017
05 days

Module No.: A1709

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy:
Thermal analysis
Electron Microscopy
X-Ray Diffraction
Elemental analysis
NMR Analysis





Calibration Techniques

Co-ordinators: Paul V. John/ Sreeja V




Topics Covered


Course Fee



February 2017



No.: C1702

Calibration of Thermal Parameters:
Calibration of glass thermometer, RTD, Thermocouple, Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Estimation & Evaluation of Total Uncertainty in Measurement, Group exercises on Uncertainty Calculations in Temperature Measurements





April 2017
-03 Days


No: C1703

Calibration of Pressure, Vacuum and Dimensional Parameters:
Dead Weight Testers, Portable Calibrators, Dial Gauges/Venire/Micrometers/Height Gauges/Depth Gauges, Scale and Tape Calibration, Estimation & Evaluation of Total Uncertainty in Measurement, Group exercises on Uncertainty Calculations.




May 2017
-03 Days


No.: C1704

Mass and Volume Calibration:
Standards Weights / Electronics Balances, Micropipettes/ Glass Pipettes/ Volumetric Flasks/Cylinder/ Syringes/Burettes, Estimation & Evaluation of Total Uncertainty in Measurement, Group exercises on Uncertainty Calculations.




July 2017


No.: C1706

Calibration of Electro Technical Parameters:
Calibration Philosophy, Traceability of Standards, Standard Practices in Laboratories, Errors in Measurements & its Estimation, Calibration of Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency Meter, Wattmeter, Phase Angle/Power Factor Meters, Analog / Digital Multimeter, Insulation Testers, Measurements of L, C, R, Multi Function Calibrators etc., Estimation & Evaluation of Total Uncertainty in Measurement, Group exercises on Uncertainty Calculations in Electrical Measurements




November 2017
-05 days


No.: C1708

Electro Technical, Thermal and Mechanical Calibration:
Basics concepts of calibration, Calibration methods in Electro Technical, Thermal &Mechanical (Mass, Volume, Pressure, Dimension), Group exercises on Uncertainty Calculations in Measurements



Please note the following:

  1. The training will be imparted as per the facilities available in STIC
  2. The participants should be at least graduate or diploma holder in science/technology or other relevant areas.
  3. Participants are advised to proceed for the programme only after a confirmation is received from us.
  4. All training sessions will be handled by scientific and technical personnel of this Centre.
  5. On the job training will be provided as per the availability of the instruments
  6. The candidates should fill an application during the admission of the programme.
  7. The course fee should be paid in advance.
  8. The participants will be provided with working lunch and tea/snacks during the programme.
  9. All participants should make their own arrangements for lodging.
  10. The certificates for the above courses will be issued by STIC
  11. STIC has the right to postpone/cancel the programme in case of inadequate number of participants or due to any other reasons.


For details please contact over email/phone,,, 
Phone:  0484 2575908, 2576698.