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Saif Instruments

  • Electron Microscopy ( Scanning EM /Transmission EM / EDAX)
  • X-Ray Diffraction ( Powder XRD/ Single Crystal XRD)
  • Elemental Analysis ( ICPMS / CHNS)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance FT NMR Spectrometer
  • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer
  • Thermal analysis TGA-DTA
  • Thermal analysis DSC
  • Spectroscopy ( UV-Vis NIR and FT Mid IR)
  • Ultra Microtome
  • Ultra Pure Water System

  • Electron Microscopy ( Scanning EM /Transmission EM / EDAX)

    Electron Microscopy division is equipped with high resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) and Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscope (SEMEDAX).
    EM analysis provides information on Topography, morphology and composition.
    Ultra Microtome available for specimen preparation
    HRTEM: Jeol/JEM 2100
    • 200kV
    • LaB6 Electron gun
    • Point resolution 0.23nm
    • Lattice resolution 0.14 nm
    • SAED
    SEM-EDAX : Jeol 6390LA/ OXFORD XMX N
    • Accelerating voltage : 0.5 to 30 kV
    • Filament: Tungsten
    • Magnification x 300000
    • EDAX resolution 136 eV
    • EDAX detector area 30 mm2
    • Elemental Mapping
    Ultra Microtome: Leica UC 7

    X-Ray Diffraction ( Powder XRD/ Single Crystal XRD)

    X-Ray Diffraction facility offers high quality diffraction data for powder specimen as well as single crystals
    This facility focus on
    • Qualitative and qualitative estimation of minerals
    • Reitveld refinement
    • Degree of crystallinity measurement
    • Gracing Incidence
    • Transmission Geometry
    • Temperature dependent powder XRD
    • Complete structure solution for single crystals
    • CIF editing
    • Aiding CCDC deposition
    Data base available ISCD, PDF-2 (2018). Topaz 6.0 for Reitveld refinement
    Powder XRD:
    • Bruker D8 Advance
    • Bruker D8 Advance Twin- Twin
    Single Crystal XRD: Bruker Kappa Apex II

    Elemental Analysis

    ICP-Mass Spectrometer
    Measure all analytes in a single helium Kinetic Energy Discrimination (He KED) mode. Capable of measuring lithium and beryllium at sub ppt levels. Excellent interference removal with high ion transmission. Reactive gas capability targets specific interference ions for challenging applications.
    Microwave digester for specimen preparation. Standards available for nearly 50 elements
    Estimation of elements in following sample matrix
    • Drinking water
    • Waste water
    • Effluents
    • Food
    • Geological
    • Pharmaceutics
    • Clinical
    • Biological specimen etc.
    ICP-MS: Thermo Fisher iCAP RQ ICP-MS
    CHNS Analyzer: for estimation of Carbon Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur (Ultimate analysis)
    • Total Carbon estimation in solid and liquid samples
    • C/N Ratio
    • C H N and S estimation for both liquid and solid specimens
    CHNS Analyzer: ELEMENTAR Vario EL III

    FT Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (FTNMR)

    400 MHz NMR for molecular structural analysis
    • 1H, 13 C
    • DEPT, COSY
    • DEPT, HMQC
    • 31P
    • 15N
    FT NMR: Bruker Avance III

    Mass Spectrometry

    MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer,
    High Performance MALDI Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer with Linear and Reflectron modes capable of mass analysis of Small Molecules, Polymers (Synthetic and Bio polymers), MOF, Dendrimers, Supramolecular assemblies, Proteins and Peptides. of Oligonucleotides, Nucleic acids, PNA-DNA Hybrids.
    • Bruker Bio tools for Protein and Peptide sequence database analysis,
    • Polymerix database for polymer analysis.
    MALDI-TOF: Bruker Autoflex max LRF


    Spectroscopy section is equipped with spectrometers that can record spectra of materials both in solid and liquid phases in UV Vis NIR and MID IR spectral region

    Integrating sphere available with UV-Vis NIR Spectrophotometer for acquiring solid state spectrum in Diffuse Reflectance mode (DRS)
    UV Vis NIR Spectrophotometer: Agilent Cary 5000 200 nm to 3000nm
    • DRS integrating sphere diameter 150 mm, angle of incidence 8 °.
    FTIR spectrometer: Thermo Nicolet Avtar 370 4000 cm-1 to 400cm-1
    • Resolution 4 cm-1
    • DTGS detector
    • IR library

    Thermal Analysis

    Thermo gravimetric analyzer –Differential Scanning Calorimeter

    1. Perkin Elmer STA 600
    2. Hitachi STA7300

    Temperature range RT to 1500 ºC

    Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

    Netzsch DSC 204 F1

    Heat flux DSC

    Inert and reactive atmosphere

    Temperature range: -150C to 600°C

    • Onset temperature,
    • Glass transition temp, melting temp, crystallization temp,
    • specific heat capacity
    • Purity,
    • % crystallinity
    • Curing temperature
    • Activation energy, kinetic studies, heat enthalpy,
    • Second and higher derivative blank curve subtraction, normalization, Z-scaling with respect to time, temperature, choice of different base lines for interpretation etc.
    • Software for kinetics studies for single and multiple steps through non linear regression analysis,

    Ultra Pure Water System

    Resistivity 18.2 MΩ @25 °C

    Conductivity 0.055μS/cm @25 °C

    Pyrogens < 0.001Eu/ml

    TOC <5ppb