1. Need I submit samples and application form separately if multiple analysis is required?
Yes ! Please submit samples along with duly filled work order/Application from separately for each analysis technique if multiple analysis is needed.

2. Quantity of samples I need to submit for analysis?
Quantity of samples need to be submitted are given along with details of the instrument.

3. How the tax amount is to be calculated?
GST is calculated @ 18% of the total analysis charge

4. Can I get the samples back after analysis?
Yes. The samples may be returned after analysis at your request. Mention clearly on your worksheet, If you need the samples back.

5. I find difficulty in getting invoice or data over email
Kindly add our email ID to your address book and enable to receive all the emails from this email id saif.stic@gmail.com or saif@sticindia.com

6. Need I mention the official address and email ID in the worksheet?
Yes ! these two are mandatory. Results will be dispatched only over email.

Category III users are requested to submit a forwarding letter from Guide/Head of the dept. or get a recommendation signature with seal on the worksheet from the above said officials to avail the discount meant for educational purpose.

Kindly contact us for any clarification

saif.stic@gmail.com or saif@sticindia.com

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